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sarcastic_f 51,801 1,076
hysell 49,188 1,182
ed_x 47,913 1,157
phillygirl 46,391 1,240
michaeldpick 45,657 1,100
noahwilliamgray 45,138 1,031
omairzahid* 44,599 1,014
stevebwriter 43,735 1,115
adamisacson 43,603 1,230
ToddGailun 43,598 1,006
LaurenceMillar 42,532 938
davio1962 42,117 1,124
SaraJoyPond 41,960 1,024
orph 41,738 1,016
jorshuwah 41,122 1,126
cdleary 41,064 1,085
DrFausty 40,523 1,056
residualninja 40,238 1,093
ruthseeley 40,120 1,024
sfslim 40,052 1,077
Larry_Carlson 5,999 220
sr_cafe 5,861 267
livenicol 5,803 217
nengyuke 5,057 237
joseserra_ 4,942 195
tadskei 4,355 222
XxXDaNzIXxX 3,729 195
haisase 2,004 99
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